Back Stretching at Home: How to Relieve Pain

Back Pain / March 28, 2024

Muscle tissue works normally and performs all its functions when it is elastic. Elasticity is the ability of a muscle not only to fully contract, but also to stretch. Therefore, it is important to address both of these components.

Through strengthening exercises, you restore muscle tone and performance, and through gentle stretching, you restore its normal length and get lower pain relief.

The fact is that many people who have back problems - pain, curvature of the spine, stoop, etc. – some muscles are stretched and weakened, while others, on the contrary, are shortened. In this case, the last muscle groups lose their normal length, and you can no longer even fully straighten up. This is why stretching elements are important.

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How to properly stretch?

Don't forget that you are now in the recovery phase. So you don't need any complicated exercises. In addition, at this stage the stretch should not be maximum.

Here are the most important rules for lumbar stretching at home during recovery:

  • Do the stretching slowly and gently. No sudden movements.
  • You cannot stretch through pain.
  • You need to stretch the muscle according to your capabilities. You should stretch only within the limits of your sensations. You should feel a slight tension and nothing more.
  • During stretching, you can linger for 15-20 seconds, then slowly and gradually return to the starting position.
  • You need to start with the simplest exercises, lying on your back or stomach. Later, begin the exercises while sitting or standing.

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Stretching is best done after the main set of exercises for scoliosis natural treatment. You can also add its elements already during the cool-down, when the muscles are warmed up, then there will be excellent relaxation.

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