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How to Fix your Lower back?

Back Pain / February 3, 2015

The Low Back Fix
Is low back pain making fun stuff…less fun?

Are you fearful of moving? Or maybe you’ve resigned yourself to a limited lifestyle?

Do you spend parts of your day struggling to find a comfortable position?

Think about this for a moment: What activity would you do first if you had no pain and no fear of discomfort?

There is a fix.

It’s not easy, though. Getting rid of back pain is a process, not a pill.

There are a specific set and sequence of exercises you can do to strengthen your body and eliminate most back pain, no matter your age or activity level

Whether you’re 22 or 72, active or sedentary. A desk jockey or a truck/Uber driver or a waitress.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t set foot in a gym in years or minutes. If you have back pain, you’ve missed something.

This e-book will help you identify what you’re missing.

The authors have worked with thousands of athletes (everyone is an athlete) of every shape, size, and age with one common goal…

To make sure they move well and without pain.

Strength specialist Anders Varner (Founder of San Diego Athletics) and physical therapist Dr. Theresa Larson (Founder of Movement Rx) have combined their vast knowledge to help guide you to discover where your specific faults are and how to fix them to eliminate low back pain.

These will include strengthening specific parts of your body, learning to activate and use what you have, and identifying what’s likely causing your particular brand of low back pain.