30-Min Soothing Yin Yoga For Back Pain

Yoga Sequences for back pain

Back Pain / October 15, 2014


Come to standing. Pause your mind and ground your legs. Gently root the feet. Lift the arms to make the shape of a cactus. Spread all of the fingers and activate the entire arm. Begin to lean the chest up to the sky. Feel the simultaneous grounding of the feet and rising of the chest in opposing action.

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Press one foot into the inner thigh of the standing leg. Reach for opposite elbows behind the back and draw the shoulder blades together. Look slightly up as you stretch the front of the shoulders.

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Virabhadrasana III

Balance thoughtfully on one leg with the hands interlaced behind the back. Square the hips. Lift the back leg, the chest, and the arms as high as possible.

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Virabhadrasana I

Transition gracefully into a high lunge with the back foot at a 45-degree angle while keeping the hands interlaced behind the back. Keep lifting the arms and arch the back.

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Make your body tense like a board and activate your core. Tap into your strength. Press through the top of the head and out of the heels at the same time.

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As you exhale, round the spine to the sky and press the ground away.

As you inhale, arch the belly down while drawing the shoulder blades together. Repeat several rounds.

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Place the knees hip-width distance apart. Connect the hands to the low back in support as the chest and chin gently reach toward the sky.

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