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Which Cue Should A Beginner Choose

Exercises / July 2, 2024

What should be the first cue that will help you soar to the heights of mastery? This is one of the most difficult questions for a beginner pool fan. Usually, the idea that playing with your cue is better comes after 2-3 months of playing pool.

The fact is that at the present stage of development, 90% of pool kits are made using fundamentally similar technologies, consist of the same parts, and therefore you only need to find a sufficiently high-quality one to choose. Since it will be the first, you will get used to it, and it will become the best. For you.

So, the main issue that needs to be resolved is quality. Artisan cues are an elite segment for those who are very well versed in the subject, and therefore the first cue should be factory-made.

Photo by Jonas Thijs on Unsplash

It doesn't make sense to spend more than $300 on the first cue. If $ 200-300 is an amount that does not correspond to your capabilities or desires, you can turn to cheaper pool cues and billiard accessories or buy a cue that was in use.

What should you pay attention to?

The cue must be straight. The braid of the cue should be dense and smooth. You can also play with a cue without winding, without fear that your hand will slide on the lacquered wood.

The most important selection parameter is the weight of the cue. 19-19.5 ounces is optimal. Light cue is sharper and allows you to feel the blow more subtly. Still, the requirements for technology grow exponentially with the loss of every ten grams: a nimble tool is much less stable. This is bad for a beginner player, who needs to feel and deliver a smooth soft kick.

Photo by Klara Kulikova on Unsplash

What should you not take?

Plastic-coated cues are not very recommended. It makes the cue incredibly durable, but over time it begins to slide badly on the wrist rest and also gives a unique feeling from the impact.

Do not buy a very expensive cue right away. Most likely, in a maximum of a year you will want to change your first one, whatever it may be.

Otherwise, choose what you like the most. Pool is a mind game, and believing in the reliability of a cue is part of success.

Main photo by Stephen Collins on Unsplash