Physology | 5 Simple Lower Back Pain Exercises For Pain Relief

Back Exercises for pain Relief

Relief / March 27, 2023

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Few things in life are as frustrating as back pain (aside from maybe coffee shops with no Wi-Fi ). If you're dealing with it, you're not alone: One in four Americans experiences back pain on a regular basis. But whether it’s a dull ache or nearly debilitating sharp pain, a bad back can make your daily routine a serious struggle.

Luckily this quick, seven-minute video can help. Grokker trainers Jenny Pacey and Wayne Gordon will coach you through a series of gentle exercises designed to improve mobility, boost flexibility, help combat aches and pains, and avoid injury. You'll perform every move for 30 seconds with a 10-second transition between each. Ready for relief? Just press play.

Here’s a recap of the moves:

1. Kneeling Head Movement
2. Kneeling Side Bend and Rotation
3. Kneeling Arm Under and Extend
4. Kneeling Leg Extensions
5. Cow Pose, Child's Pose, Cat Pose, and Cobra Pose
6. Bird-Dog
7. Kneeling Hamstring Hip Flexor Stretch (Right Side)
8. Kneeling Hamstring Hip Flexor Stretch (Left Side)
9. Body Extension and Pull Knee to Chest
10. Hip Roll With Arm Reach
11. Crossed Leg Knee Roll
12. Alternating Superman

Interested in more short and effective at-home workouts? There are thousands waiting for you on Grokker, the one-stop online resource for wellness. Get 30 percent off a membership by entering promo code GREATIST at checkout.


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