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Lower back Yoga Stretch

Stretches / August 9, 2019

Our morning stretches harness yoga’s newly-found back healing powers. Grab a mat


If, like many, desk-bound back pain regularly encroaches onto your day, then you may want to put down the paracetamol in favour of grabbing a yoga mat.

That's because a study published in Annals of Internal Medicine found that yoga offers similar benefits to physical therapy when it comes to lower-back pain. After monitoring 320 adults with severe lower back pain for 12 weeks, the research showed a noticeable improvement in the participants' pain levels and function through yoga.

But, to truly counter any desk-bound damage (or stop it before it starts), fuse these new-found benefits with Boys of Yoga's lower-back session – a flow dedicated to un-desking your posture in five minutes flat.

Presented by trainers and yogis Michael James Wong, Chris Magee and Faisal Abdalla, our expert yogis take you through key postures to relax your muscles, up your mobility and keep your days out of the office pain-free into the bargain.