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Yoga And Nrology

Yoga Terms And Meanings / April 15, 2023

In yoga therapy, treatment is based on eliminating the root cause of the disorder or disease - a violation of the circulation of prana. According to yoga physiology, the human body is permeated with Nadi channels through which Prana circulates.

Body functions such as digestion, heartbeat, breathing are controlled by neuroreceptors in the cervical region. Every  neurologist will tell you that the activity of these neuroreceptors is directly related to the flow of prana through the energy channels of the Nadis. In the physiology of yoga, two types of Nadi channels are described through which prana flows - manovahaka nadi and pranavahaka nadi.

You can control the flow of prana in the body with breathing practices, mudras, asanas and other yoga tools. The therapeutic effect is achieved by building the correct sequence of asanas and breathing exercises. Such an individually selected complex is aimed at stimulating the nadi channels and balancing the prana flows.

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